2015 Rating Criteria and New Ratings

 As part of the Board’s commitment to help increase the skill level and, therefore, success of our members, one of the goals was to re-evaluate and revise our organization’s rating system.

A new Rating Committee was elected with Dan Siebert as Committee Chairman. This Committee compiled and studied rating criteria from across the country, picking the best features and formats to create a new Rating Criteria for our membership. Using this new Rating Criteria, the Rating Committee evaluated and re-classified the entire membership.

It was the intent of your Board for the Rating Committee to restructure so that RMTPA’s ratings were more equitable and in-line with ratings of other Organizations across the country.

Our member ratings were previously heavy in the 4-5 rating level. This reclassification has changed the majority of our penner ratings to between the 2-3 rating level.

If a penner’s evaluation placed them between two levels, the Rating Committee gave the “benefit of the doubt” to the penner, keeping them at the lower rating level.

It may be necessary to make adjustments as the season progresses, but it is not the intent of your Board for the Rating Committee to immediately change a penner’s rating if they have some success. It is our goal to help our members enjoy their success and be motivated to work at their skills to become even better.

The Board will be voting to adopt the new Rating Criteria into the RMTPA Rules. Notice will be published when the date of this meeting is confirmed.