Rocky Mountain Team Penning Association (RMTPA) was organized during the summer of 1988 in Fort Collins, Colorado, at a small arena called the Dusty Rose, operated by Hasty Gilbreth.  The arena no longer exists and Hasty has moved away.  BUT, RMTPA lives on!

RMTPA is a non-profit organization chartered to promote the sport of team penning and sorting. Members are from Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Nebraska and other neighboring states.

RMTPA promotes or produces at least one Charity Team Penning event annually to support and benefit a chosen organization.  Previous charity funds recipients have been the Children’s Hospital in Denver, the Colorado Horse Council, “Ride for The Kids, Make a Dream Come True”, and the Easter Seals.  Watch our Facebook page, Current News & Announcements area on the website and check our Events Schedule for these charitable events.

RMTPA’s penning year begins with the event after the Finals Event for that year and ends with the Finals Event of the subsequent year.  The annual Finals Event is usually held in mid-September.

The Officers (4) and up to 11 other elected members of the organization comprise the Board of Directors (the total Board of Directors cannot exceed 15) which govern the activities of RMTPA and meet once a month. Highlights of each Board meeting are posted on this web site.

Please, see the membership page for current annual membership dues.