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Updated 08/28/2015 09:08

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RMTPA Finals at Arapahoe County Fairgrounds September 19th and 20th, 2015.

Hello to all RMTPA members and I hope you have a fun filled summer where you enjoyed family, friends, and time with your horse.  As you know the 2015 season is winding down and we are preparing for our RMTPA Finals.  This year, for the first time, we are negotiating with the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds as the location for our finals.  The construction of this facility was completed this year and they are providing the necessary infrastructure to meet our needs.  We are planning for the weekend of 19 September so mark it on your calendars.

The exciting news is that we had a very responsive year from sponsors and we were able to set aside over $6,000 for added money for our Finals show.   The club had 4 shows this season with 7 events.  Each day of a show counts as an event.  To be eligible for the added money in each class a member must have participated in 2 events during the RMPTA show season.  This approach encourages participation in our organization as well as providing a member the opportunity to benefit from their participation over the season.  While still being able to ride for our normal 60% payback, members who obtain RMPTA memberships at the time of the finals or who have participated in less than 2 events will not be eligible for added money in any class.

Given the great feedback we had last year in regards to our Members Appreciation Class, we are carrying it forward to this year’s finals.  The purpose of this class is to give back to the members who have invested in this organization by attending our shows, to those who have graciously provided sponsorship, and to those who are Lifetime Members.  This class will have criteria for entry.  They are as follows:

  1.  A member must have participated in 3 events during the RMPTA show season to qualify.
  2.  This class is open to each 2015 sponsor who is a current member.
  3.  The class is open to all Lifetime Members.

We have estimated the potential for 30-40 teams in the Members Appreciation Class with an 80% payback and $1,500 added money.    We will provide a list of the qualified members that have attended 3 events with the release of our Finals flyer.

Everyone likes nice prizes, right?  We have set aside funds to buy some prizes to raffle off during both days of the show.  Each member will be given a raffle ticket per ride entry.  Prizes will be awarded throughout the show.

Finally, to top it off we are having a Members Potluck Saturday evening where RMPTA will provide the meat for the meal and we ask that members bring a dish so that we can have great time socializing with each other.

On another note, if we have over 20 teams in a class we will run 3 goes with the format of 50% back to the second go, and the top ten back to the final go.  If less than 20 teams we will follow our two go format used throughout the year.

To maximize our ability to support the members, we ask that you let a board member or our president know one week prior if you will be attending.  This will greatly help us have the appropriate number of cattle for the weekend ensuring fun for all while protecting the cattle from over use.

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