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Updated 01/15/2017 19:28

To all RMTPA Members,

We are pleased to announce that we have people stepping up to carry on with the RMTPA organization.  The love of the sport of team penning drew us together.  We understand the investments of time and money that people have made to this sport and we want to move forward in a manner that maintains the integrity of the organization but also allows the members to enjoy their membership.

The following people have volunteered for the following positions:

Dwayne Haselip           President
Debra Pomerleau      Vice President
John Shifty  Secretary
Bette Heller   Treasurer
Danny Seibert    Board Member
Ken Coulson Board Member
Troy Parduhn Board Member

If you have any objections to the volunteers for these positions please respond to by 31 January 2017. No response will indicate approval and we will move forward with the officers and board members that we have identified.

Within the next month, we will be determining how to go forward for 2017.  It will take some ‘out of the box’ thinking to pull this together.  As you know from our September Finals    Membership Meeting, the significant expense of cattle and arenas for our shows was a very difficult challenge.  Last years officers and board members worked very hard to minimize the impacts to our bottom line.  Luckily, they have left us with a workable budget to move forward with our planning.  With the budget in mind, we will be reviewing our previous arena contracts as well as identifying alternative arenas for potential future show locations.  One of our focus locations is Estes Park over the 4th of July timeframe which was successful for us last year.

 We want to also thank those people who have voiced their support in helping the future officers and board members to be successful in producing RMTPA shows in 2017.

 Again, we thank last years RMTPA President, Carlos Washington, as well as all the officers and board members for the hard work and diligence they gave to this organization.  Job well done!!



Deb Pomerleau

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